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Sieve Shakers

Here at Dual Manufacturing, we produce a variety of high quality sieves and sieve products including shakers. Sieve shakers are utilized in labs and are an essential piece of  lab equipment. You do not have to be an engineer or laboratory technician to understand what the exacting function of a sieve shaker is and how it is utilized for performance in a lab as part of the essential pieces of equipment.

When raw products (intermediate or end products) or materials are introduced into a sieve shaker, it is the start with the process of quality control, development and overall research. A sieve shaker has been manufactured in such a way that it is able to determine the grain size and separation of grains. This piece of equipment can also provide the function of fractionation of powdered materials and deal in bulk products.

The sieve shaker manoeuvers itself with oscillations per the minute and are very exacting, always reproducible, and precision features and separation. These heavy-duty machines are designed to work with a quieter motor and are able to work with high endurance for larger loads.

Here at Dual Manufacturing Co., Inc., we offer a variety of sieve shakers to fulfill any and all of your needs, but we do go above and beyond for our customers in a “family-oriented” sense. Our customers have access to our family-run company with family-oriented values that extend through to our long-term employees and to the relationships with our customers.

Stepping beyond that, we are always driven to meet and quite possibly exceed our customer’s application requirements and also take our customer’s budget into full consideration and make every effort to stay within it.

Most of the sieve shakers that we manufacture can have an optional 220 volts (if this is more convenient for our customer). We also offer hand-operated sieve shakers if a motorized unit is not necessary. Our company and its staff are available to you in person or by telephone to help you determine your needs with the correct sieve shaker model.

Our company has been innovators of manufacturing these types of laboratory products since 1942 and we continue to excel at providing our customers with the highest quality of service to match our industrial precision products. Please contact us for any questions or to speak to a sales representatives.